How This All Works

Presposure was started with the realization that customer service should be the central focus of all business. This begins with the first interaction with a potential customer. With over 7 years in online marketing, Presposure has the experience and we understand what you need most and will stop at nothing to give it to you. Our main goal is to grow business using our automated feedback system.

Feedback, whether good or bad, is very important and sadly most businesses don't take advantage of this golden opportunity to get genuine feedback from customers while there are still happy, or disappointed, about their experience. This has to be fixed.

We know that most business owners simply don't have time to focus on this important task...or maybe you don't even want to do this. Presposure was created for this very reason; to allow you to get PREMIUM EXPOSURE.

Using our automated feedback system along with an offer that suits your business, we will drive a continuous flow of genuine feedback from customers. Feedback helps you rank better on sites like Yelp which in turn creates more opportunities to gain new customers. From there, the cycle repeats itself.

We hope to work with you soon and help you get PREMIUM EXPOSURE.

How It Works
Get more genuine reviews

It's very simple. 

     1. Customer leaves your business and is given a card with a discount on their next visit. All they have to do is text the special code to the number we provide. 

     2. Customer receives a text immediately asking them how they enjoyed their service or prodcut and how they can get the discount.

     3. If customer says they enjoyed the service, our system sends them a special message with a link to leave a review...while they're still excited about your service. 

     4. However, if they're dissatisfied, our system sends them a different message with a link to a seperate page where they can talk about their frustrations...instead of on major review sites.

This allows your business to keep a high rating and get in front of issues that could effect growth down the line. 


If you ever have any questions, we're just an email or phone call away.

Secure & Confidential

Your customer's infomation is safe with us and will never be sold or shared with any 3rd party entities.

Better Rankings

Reviews directly impact buying decisions. An increase in positive reviews could also mean better rankings both resulting in attracting more paying customers.

Custom Fitted

Different businesses have different goals. Each system is setup to fit the specific needs of the client.
Services We Work With


Yelp gets over 80 million searches per month. Ranking well on Yelp with positive reviews can be great for long-term growth.

Google Reviews

Google still reigns supreme with as the #1 search engine. Having positive reviews will help you show up in search results.

Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews are becoming a popular way for customers to show their appreciation for great service.

Internal Systems

Some businesses have their own internal review system. As long as it's online, we can use it.

Are the reviews real?

Yes. Reviews come from paying customers. Our automated system just entices customers to review your product or service using technology.

Is it okay to ask for reviews?

Yes. According to a Yelp representative, they don't encourage it but it's not against their terms of service. It's perfectly okay and ethical to ask for an honest review after a customer has patronized your business.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. There are no contracts. You can cancel anytime. We do offer different service levels just incase you want to pay for a 6 months or a full year in advance.

Do you offer refunds?

No. We only provide refunds if we are unable to uphold our end of the deal. (e.g. If we're unable to get your system setup.)

Can I pay for more than 1 month?

Yes you can. You can also get a discount when you pay for 6 months and 1 year.

How long does it take for me to start seeing results.

It takes between 1 and 2 weeks to get everything setup. After it's setup and you receive your customer cards, you can begin handing them out immediately with receipts or after customers pay.

Can customers still leave negative reviews?

Unfortunately, yes. Our service allows you to get in front of the review process. Customers who've had a bad experience will be directed to a special page we create which will allow them to get out their frustrations. That information will be logged and forwarded to you. They can still leave negative reviews but studies show once a customer feels a business really cares about them, they'll be less inclined to leave a negative comment.

Contact us anytime.

Cancel anytime.

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