How to adjust Firestick calibration
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When you first begin using your Firestick, you may notice part of the screen is cutoff on your TV. This is a very simple fix.  To fix, Press the Home button > Settings > Display & Sounds > Calibrate Display
How To Use Your FireStick with Kodi
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This is a general walkthrough on how to use this Firestick with our special Kodi build. Once you understand the basics, you'll be using your Firestick like a pro. 
General Maintenance 
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Yes Kodi needs maintenance. Kodi stores files that aren't needed for it to run. After using for some time, those files build up affecting a Firestick's performance. This video shows how to use the "Raw Maintenance" tool to delete all unnecessary files. This should be done at least once a month. 
Known Issues & Problems 
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While this setup is all about simplicity and usually works effortlessly, it does have some issues. These are known issues with quick and easy fixes that a 5 year old could handle.
These issues include:
- No items when you click TV Shows, Movies, Sports, etc
- Videos stopping during playback
-  YouTube has exceeded daily limit
- Bad video quality 
- Video link not working
- Firestick restarts

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